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Let me introduce you to a new friend…

His name is Billy Hatfield, a hybrid between the Devil Anse Hatfield pipe from “Hatfield and McCoys” and a classic Billiard Shape.  Available for purchase and commission at

Speaking of commissions, there is a new Custom Shop on the site, where you can customize your very own Custom Artisan Pipe and order instantly.  You can use any pipe in the Showcase or Store as a starting point (click here to try it using the exact Billy Hatfield design above!), and you can choose “Maker’s Choice” on certain options to leave the decisions up to me! (Click here for the Maker’s Choice Special- only $100!)

Speaking of commissions again, here are a few commissions I’ve completed recently:

Weathered Briar Apothecary Series Poker

Weathered Briar in Obsidian Bloodwood finish
Apothecary Series Shank
Bladed Saddle Black Ebonite Hand-cut Stem
Black and White Ebony Recessed Shank Ring
Plateau Top

Take this design to the Custom Shop to Order Now

Smooth Morta Irish Anse

Smooth Morta
Dublin/Devil Anse Hybrid
Green Acrylic Ring
Black Ebonite Hand-cut Stem
Curved Button & ~3.25mm (or less) bit

Take this design to the Custom Shop to Order Now!

Smooth Briar Irish Anse

Smooth Briar in Hazel Finish
Dublin/Devil Anse Hybrid
Black Ebonite Hand-cut Stem
Curved Button & ~3.25mm (or less) bit

Take this design to the Custom Shop to Order Now!

Commissions and Available Pipes

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Stepping It Up in 2016

(Sorry for the weird word-wrap issues… still trying to figure out what’s causing it)

Hello everyone!  First I want to
apologize for being so inactive in the online pipe community the past
several months.  I have a love/hate relationship with social media, and
as a result, I’m either binging on it or purging myself of it, and
lately I’ve been in purge mode.  That being said I want to make a solid
effort this year to stay connected with you guys, whether it’s via
Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Voxer, or whatever, hit me up, let’s talk
pipes and baccy, or bass fishing, or loud music.

One of the main
ways I want to stay connected with you guys is this blog.  If you’re
getting this in your email inbox, just hit the reply button to chat, if
you’re not, sign up for the insider’s club so you don’t miss out on
important updates and available pipes!  Other than that I have definite
plans to upload my first video to the YouTube pipe community with
general pipe and tobacco discussion and video tours of pipes as I
complete them.  I’ve recently found that youtube pipe community videos
are a great way to entertain myself while I do handwork on the pipes.

I sat down to write this blog I was thinking of a way to sum up the
head space I’ve been in this new year so far.  The recurring theme,
across the board, is “Stepping It Up.”  My top priority is to improve as a maker and contributor to the community.  I’m working on
challenging new designs, dialing in my style, and I’m working to get
faster at execution across the board.  Check out this blowfish currently on the bench!

I made over 40 pipes last year and I’m on track to reach half that by mid-February alone!  As some of
you know a lot of the credit of my increased production goes to my
drilling assistant Judah and my sanding assistant Jeff but I’ve also
genuinely been very excited lately and as a result I’ve been spending
more time in the studio and plan to keep it up. Last year one of my
biggest issues was making customers wait too long for their
commissions.  My commission list is now only about a month long, and
I’m also going to be introducing more non-commissioned pipes for sale
this year as my production increases.

Speed is nothing without
quality though, and as I experiment and learn more, I’m learning new
ways to make these pipes even better for you all.  My stem work,
internally and externally has improved constantly since I made my first
hand-cut stem at the beginning of last year.  The most recent stems I’ve
made are by far the most comfortable I’ve ever felt.  Last year, my
bite zones ranged between 3-4mm thick, which is pretty thin, but I’ve
decided to limit that tolerance to 3-3.25mm for maximum comfort.  Not
only that, but all current and future Müth Pipes feature a curved button
design- this allows the button rest evenly and comfortably in your
teeth, because after all, our jaws aren’t straight! Internally, I’ve
learned to make the hand-funneled airway of the stem cleaner for less
turbulence, and thinner at the bite zone as to allow for thicker stem
material in that area.  I am fully convinced that you won’t find a more comfortable smoke unless you have a bit molded to fit your teeth!

improvements so far this year aren’t limited to only stems, shapes, and speed
though, I’ve made a drastic improvement on my contrast staining, as you
can see in the tamper below.  I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned on
a pipe for a beautiful Start Contrast finish.

The Weathered Series even got a sexy little facelift, check out the Black and White Ebony adornment ring on the poker and the fish tail on both stems:


Fresh off the buffing wheel is a new prototype I’ve been working on for fun, the Müth Skipping Stone.  Simple and sleek, asymmetrical and organic, or downright Midwest Zen (as Judah puts it lol), whatever you call it, it can be yours for $150, or commissioned starting at $125, just shoot me an email for details.

Although no two skipping stones will ever be exactly alike, each one fits perfectly in your hand.

Leaving the Studio:

The Bench:

I’ve got some great pipes on the way including a massive Cavalier, a handful of Irish Anses, a “double bent” (technically 7/8 bent) billiard, a sweet little swimming blowfish, and a plateau bottom volcano.

On Deck:

These pipes are the next batch to be drilled.  Some of them will be on their way to be drilled by Judah in his shop and others will stay here to be drilled on my smaller, in-shop lathe.  Included in this batch are a spinal plateau pocket-billiard, a blowfish, two different dublin designs, a ballerina, an acorn, and another plateau bottom volcano.

The Sketch Binder:

used to hate sketching up so many pipes that I didn’t have time to
make.  But then I realized sketching pipes is my favorite part of the
process!  Of course there will be pipes I sketch up that never get
made!  Below are some recent sketches, some I plan on making many of,
others I’m not sure will ever see the light of day.  Let me know which
ones you want to see come to life, and of course, email me if you’re
interested in a commission.

Featherman Series:
I love tiny
pipes.  I like making them and I love smoking them.  I give to you the
Featherman, a stylish pipe, but only 4” long and 1.75” tall, pictured
next to an Irish Anse for size reference (in other words, it’s freakin
tiny!).  The shank will be reinforced with a stainless steel tenon,
glued into the shank instead of the stem which means you can smoke this
thing daily and take it wherever you’re going and not worry that the
small tenon or shank walls will be too fragile.  Pictured in the sketch
is a billiard bowl shape, but the series is meant to accommodate most
classic bowl shapes, I think a Dublin or egg would look great

Chamberlain Series:
might recognize this shank and stem style from my recent Rhodesians. 
Besides tweaking the lines a bit, I’ve decided to expand that design to
accommodate most classic bowl shapes.  Again in the sketch it’s a
billiard bowl and the shank is “straight” (only very slightly bent) but
the options are limitless.

Novelist Series:
The perfect
compromise between style and affordability, I give you the Novelist
Series.  It’s similar in design to the “Slimline” Rhodesians and the
Weathered Bulldog I’ve done in the past, but with a tapered stem instead
of a saddle.  Of course, it can be upgraded to a saddle.  Again, the
design accommodates most any bowl shape, so let me know which shape you
think would look best!  Currently on the bench is a “double bent”
(classically referred to as 7/8 bent as opposed to my standard 3/8 to
1/2 bent pipes) billiard!

Seafarer Series:

This stylish design speaks for itself.  Pictured below is a blowfish, but I think a Tomato or Egg would look great also.

Lowrider Poker:

yet sleek, this poker leans back instead of forward, with the shank
just barely resting on the same plane as the foot.  It almost has a
chopper motorcycle/batmobile look to it.

The Seven Devils:

Although some folks consider the
Devil Anse shape to be over-hyped or overrated, to me it just makes
sense.  It’s a small, lightweight pipe, and the canted bowl is great
because it keeps the smoke out of your face while maintaining the small
and stubby presentation.  Besides that it’s just a great looking shape! 
I thought it would be a fun idea to design a set of seven Devil Anse
inspired pipes, including the original stubby canted egg itself, and my
very popular Irish Anse, a Devil Anse/Dublin hybrid.  Just like the
Featherman, all future Anse sized pipes will have a stainless steel
tenon for added durability.  In case you can’t read it, the line up is
as follows:
-Devil Anse
-Irish Anse, Devil Anse/Dublin Hybrid
-Billy Hatfield, Devil Anse/Billiard Hybrid
-Prince Hatfield, Devil Anse/Prince Hybrid
-Smokestack Anse
-Weathered Anse
-Devil’s Axe, Devil Anse/Pickaxe Hybrid

There you have it folks, if you made it this far, I’m impressed!!  Dont be a stranger!
Contact me here to get your custom pipe started!

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